28 December 2009

MoniKa with a K...

Monika's mother has always spun wool, so it was only natural for her to pursue something creative involving beautiful linens, natural fibres, vintage fabrics and wooden buttons... walking in to Monika's Wednesday stall in Mornington is like walking in to a natural wonderland. A large red 'K' stands outside and her wares sit in front of hessian lined walls.
In the Summer months you'll find adorable one of a kind hair clips, zip pouches, aprons, pillows, knitted softies, back packs, felt journals, head bands and big roomy sling bags. In Winter her line changes slightly and she adds hand knitted clothing and baby blankets but the pièce de résistance: her mother hand spins wool as part of the stall.
You can find Monika on her stool, making hair clips every Wednesday outside Fat Williams, Main Street, Mornington from 9am to 3pmish.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! :) Monika's things look great. How cool are hand knitted toys? They always have so much character. There aren't enough of them around these days.

Have a great New Year! :)