25 May 2011

My Holga...

I took my Holga 120N to New Zealand for 5 weeks and came back with 7 rolls of film to develop (in both b&w & colour)! Mostly scenic photos with a few portraits thrown in... I didn't really read the instructions when I received it, thinking it was just a plastic toy camera so I could just load some 120 film and that would be it. After receiving 4 out of the 7 films back from mail order film processing I discovered I was very very wrong.

I didn't realise it had a zone-focus system.

I had it on 3ft the whole time.

Maybe I should have used infinity.

Here are my a few of my awful photos...

I think I might also have to tape up the back and add some Velcro to the inside where I lost my sponges. Fingers crossed for some half decent pictures next time.