30 December 2009

Living by the sea...

I had NO idea this place would change so much over Summer when I moved here in September this year.
  1. Our local plaza has opened what seems like a 'Holiday Shop' stocking necessary items such as magazines, chips, sunscreen and blow up beach toys
  2. We now have to ride our bicycles EVERYWHERE as driving takes far too long (planning a movie at the drive-in soon, we'll call it the ride-in)
  3. It's acceptable to wear bikinis/boardshorts at anytime in any place
  4. Swimming in the sea is like swimming in a public pool
  5. People park their Land Rover Discoveries in the garage and drive their Mini Moke's instead
  6. Every house on our street had put their bin out for kerbside collection
  7. The carnival AND circus is in town! 
But it's still a beautiful place to live... just really really busy.


Betty Jo said...

This is the first year of practically my whole life i have not spent holidays down on the Peninsular.
In Melbourne I'm lovin the short checkout queues, quick service at the takeaway and not waiting 15 minutes to cross Nepean highway!
But i do miss the beach, the summery vibe and the sweet sea breezes......

Anonymous said...

Oh chips at the beach! YUM! I can just imagine how busy it must be down there. I guess it feels like your space is being invaded. At least you know that you are lucky and get to stay there all year round where as everyone else is just on holidays!

Happy New Year to you. :)

Drewzel said...

Heyya, just found your blog via Brown Owls... I'd be interested in getting Peninsula group happening if we can?
xx steph

Art by Wiley said...

We love your blog so we're passing on this little award: http://artbywiley.blogspot.com/2010/01/lemonade-award.html

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

Love your blog & I also live on the MP - Love what you have written about the Summer time 'invasion'!! :)