29 October 2009


Yesterday I received this little guy in the mail from the lovely Andria of Shagpile! I had my eye on it at In.Cube8r, but when I went in to re-stock my cube a few weeks ago it was gone!! I tried to forget about it, but he just kept popping back in to my brain. I decided to have a little look in Shagpile's Etsy Shop and there he was, just hanging out with cute brooches, scarves and necklaces...
He's super cute in real life and so was the packaging!
Love it.

22 October 2009


So after procrastinating for AGES I have finally made Kevin (or Kylie)! I'm pretty pleased with him and I will be making more in the next week or so.

Torso - Souvenir Tea Towel (of course)
Arms, Legs & Head - Grey upholstery fabric I picked up on sale at Lincraft earlier this year
Eyes and Nose - Wool felt
Ear and tail fluff - Grey Sheltand fleece (from Hovis in the UK)
Filling - Crest-a-lon Fibre Fill

I was wondering... Does it need a mouth?